Explained: Customer Service Outsourcing Is the Modern-Day Profit Maker

Every business is done for one and one purpose only and that is to make profit. One of the easiest ways to make profit is to opt for customer service outsourcing instead of running an in-house operation. But many companies do not realize its true potential because of their apprehensions about an outsourced operation.

customer service outsourcing

Take the Plunge and Outsource

For those of you who have apprehensions about customer service outsourcing, take a look around and look at your competitors. They are willing to spend so much more on their core processes, not just because of their direct revenues but also because of their savings through outsourcing. Especially for developed countries, outsourcing to a resourceful and competent vendor in developing countries serves like an instant profit maker. Cost alone is the biggest driver for outsourcing but there are other reasons as well that make taking an outsourcing decision worthwhile for you.

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Compelling Reasons for Customer Support Outsourcing

  1. Access to deep industry knowledge – For someone who hadn’t run a call center operation before, it is easy to make mistakes due to lack of knowledge about the industry. A first-timer would not know about the best call center practices, which are common knowledge to managers who have worked in the industry for a long time. This knowledge can help you form process-specific strategies catered towards your own business operation.
  2. Access to the best tools – CRM and call center software play a pivotal role in day-to-day call center operations. However, the best tools are quite expensive and need to be updated from time-to-time to meet industry standards and emerging requirements. As a call center is a non-core process for business owners, they are less likely to spend heavily on the best software solutions. But such tools are integral to the core operations of call center outsourcing vendor. Hence, they always keep the best tools handy and don’t think twice when it comes to upgrading or updating them.
  3. Perennial talent supply for fully-scalable operations – A call center operation requires an abundance of skilled call center agents to meet the requirements of the future. Well-established call centers based in countries like India have a perennial supply of talent due to country’s high population and literacy rate. Therefore, when you outsource here, you never have to worry about scaling your call center operation according to your business growth.
  4. Access to analytics – Specialist customer support outsourcing vendors use tools that capture and analyze information generated during customer contacts. This processed information can be converted into insights for forming future strategies that are useful for the growth of business.

Quality control – Running a call center as an auxiliary operation is a tough task in itself, but when you add quality control to it, it becomes even tougher to manage. But when you outsource, you are not only able to use the services of the agents but also the readymade QA solutions implemented by your outsourcing vendor. A QA department monitors call quality and analyzes call center metrics like AHT, CSAT, FCR etc. and gives the necessary feedback to consistently improve the quality of a call center outsourcing operation.

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