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Connecting with consumers is one of the keys to growing a business and standing out in a world where every industry or market is oversaturated. Standing out from the crowd of people doing the same thing positions a brand to better satisfy customers by receiving requests and feedback on how to serve them better. Many businesses outsource call center services due to the high workload of handling inbound and outbound calls from a large number of people, including current and potential customers. The best call center outsourcing companies help businesses increase their visibility in a crowded global market. As a result, selecting the right outsourcing partner who can be relied on to handle the project with diligence is critical.

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The pinnacle of excellence in call center services

In this day and age, almost everything is automated, many of the calls are routed through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, which allows callers to serve themselves by quickly accessing specific information. This is NOT ENOUGH! Who better to relate to and serve humans than another human on the other end of the phone? Definitely not a robot! The goal of a good call center is to understand how to best relate to a company’s products or services. No AI can connect to a company’s products or services while also appealing to customers’ emotions and providing appropriate solutions to complex problems raised by customers. This is the approach we take at Vcare Corporation.

Vcare Corporation, one of America’s leading call center services, assists companies in bonding with their customers and leaves no stone unturned in developing a positive bond between your business and end users. The Cisco-based IP network not only allows us to communicate with customers more efficiently, but the adoption of innovative technology allows us to provide better telephone answering services to customers. We help your company stay ahead of the competition using a customer-focused methodology and in-depth marketing insights.

What services are provided by Vcare Corporation?

Vcare Corporation provides a wide range of inbound call center services and other related services.

Vcare Corporation Inbound Call Center Services

As a leading provider of call center services in USA, Vcare Corporation employs agents to receive customer calls. We focus on assisting customers who need assistance with problem-solving or receiving instructions. Customers around the world praise our inbound call center services because of our customer-eccentric approach that allows us to resolve as many customer issues as possible.

We manage a number of inbound call center processes, including technical support and customer care. To ensure the highest quality of work, all of our agents are chosen based on their skills in the work they are assigned.

We, at Vcare, take extra precautions when delivering business-critical inbound services as the face of a business as an inbound call center service. All of our agents are well-versed in the inbound call center process and strictly adhere to the instructions given to them by TLs and managers. They always stick to SLAs and work hard to improve their ratings by focusing on call center metrics such as FCR, CSAT, and AHT.

A dedicated QA department monitors all of the agents. They receive timely feedback in which their errors are highlighted and are educated on how to eliminate mistakes on calls. Agents are rewarded for meeting targets and maintaining the highest quality on every call.

We understand that our clients rely on us to help them grow their businesses. As a result, we take our clients’ relationships very seriously and work hard to improve their image in customers’ eyes. Our inbound call center services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning customers can reach us anytime.

Some of the features of our Inbound Call Care Services include;

Product and Technical Support: Our inbound call center services assist customers with a variety of issues ranging from password changes to updating account information and responding to other product complaints. From advanced technical support, our agents answer questions using one of the many desk tools available in our company. If the question is more technical, we refer them to IT specialists.

Payment and Order Processing: We assist customers with online ordering through our inbound call center services. Our inbound agents engage consumers in completing purchases over the phone, answering billing questions, and resolving various possible payment issues.

Upgrade and Renewal Inquires: Subscription-based businesses require our services to receive calls from customers who want to upgrade or downgrade their plans or who need information about their current plans. Our inbound call agents are trained to either help customers upgrade their plans themselves or to refer them to a sales agent who can handle the request.

Lead Qualification: Vcare Corporation’s inbound call center services help your sales team’s selling power by calling pre-qualified sales leads. Our trained agents are instructed on how to use your services and assist prospects in learning about the advantages of using your products or services.

Why use outsourced call center services instead of in-house?

Improved KPIs

When businesses outsource their call center services and duties, the internal team focuses on what is truly important and what they excel at: providing the best products and services to their customers. Outsourcing inbound call centers improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as production, sales, and distribution.

Reduced costs

With call center outsourcing, your company can avoid the costs associated with establishing and operating a call center from scratch. Attempting to develop an internal call center will not consume funds that could be used for production and other aspects of customer service delivery.

Reduced Risks

With reduced costs associated with outsourcing customer experience responsibilities comes reduced risk. Adding an in-house call center to your business expands your company’s concepts and departments. Consequently increasing the likelihood of success.

Improved customer satisfaction

Due to the fact that a call center outsourcing company focuses exclusively on customer experience, we are in a better position to know how best to satisfy your customer over the phone. This is our line of work! They are trained to comprehend the customer’s wants, needs, and expectations.

Manage Higher Call Volumes

Because a call center outsourcing company’s sole business is making and receiving calls, we are better equipped to handle all calls. Regardless of the volume. Working with an inbound call center ensures that every incoming call is answered.

How do we grow your business?

Vcare Corporation is your go-to provider for inbound call center outsourcing. We assist you in managing your phone, chat, email, and even text messages when your customers require assistance. Our live customer support and engagement are unrivaled when it comes to providing solutions for your customers. Your customers will appreciate it. A prosperous business is one with satisfied customers!

 inbound call center services

Why choose us?

  • Customer Engagement: Customer engagement is the key to expanding your business. With our 24/7 proactive customer service, we are at your disposal to engage your customers and assist you in establishing a stellar reputation in the marketplace.
  • Dedicated call center agents: As part of our call center outsourcing services, we provide regular training to our employees to learn about the innovative aspects of your business that will keep your customers satisfied.
  • Connecting to Global Time Zones: Our knowledgeable agents respond to customer inquiries across all time zones via voice, email, and live chat. We strive to provide hassle-free customer engagement at all hours of the day.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The essence of everything we do is ensuring customer satisfaction. We take the time to comprehend your needs and offer a novel method to ensure that we provide superior customer service.

We value your business

Since we value your business, we prioritize your customers. To improve the convenience and speed with which we respond to customer inquiries, as well as to enhance their experience, we provide our services through a variety of other digital channels.

Other services we provide include customer support via back-office, chats or emails, SMS, social media, and other messaging technologies. If you have a custom service or support request that is not listed here, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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