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In the modern world, call center outsourcing has emerged as an integral part of a business. Synchronizing call answering services with essential corporate strategies not only helps in solving the issues of the customers, but also provides the bottom-line value. Call center outsourcing companies assist businesses in increasing their visibility in the global market. Hence, it is essential for a company to choose the right outsourcing partner, whom it can rely upon.

call center services

In the recent past, it has been observed that call centers in America have emerged as one of the vital markets for the outsourcing industry. Even companies in the United States do not opt for call centers of Seattle, America. Today almost 80 % of the European and US-based Fortune 500 Companies pick India as their preferred outsourcing destination. No doubt, in the recent past, other countries like Mexico, China, Philippines, Ireland and others too have gained tremendous success in the BPO sector and stands as firm competitors to India. But, in spite of this, call center services in India has managed to keep up its position by topping the list.

Being one of the most popular call centers in Washington, Vcare Corporation stands out in providing apt solutions to complex problems raised by the customers. It leaves no stone unturned in developing a positive bond between your business and your end users. The Cisco-based IP network, not only enables us to communicate with the customers with ease, but the adoption of the innovative technology helps us to serve the customers with a better telephone answering service. With a comprehensive customer-oriented methodology and in-depth marketing insights, we help your business to remain ahead of your rivalry.

As a part of our call center outsourcing package, we also impart training to our employees at regular intervals, where they can learn about the innovative aspect of your business to keep your customers happy. Our competent agents attend the queries of your customers depending upon your time zone through various communication channels like voice, email or chat. We aim at providing hassle free call answering services for our customers.

Vcare Corporation provides a wide range of inbound, outbound and other related services. Call center services offered by Vcare can be broadly classified into two categories:

  1. Inbound call center services
  2. Outbound call center services

Inbound Call Center Services @ Vcare

Inbound call center services, as the name implies, are the services imparted by an agent after receiving an inbound call from customers/subscribers. Inbound call center services are more widely used by companies when compared with outbound call center.

Vcare’s inbound call center services are highly acclaimed by clients across the globe. We run a variety of inbound call center processes including but not limited to technical support and customer care. To ensure highest level of quality in work, all our agents are chosen on the basis of their skills with respect to the work they are assigned.

As an inbound call center services as the face of a business, we, at Vcare, take extra precautions while delivering business-critical inbound services. All our agents are well-acquainted with inbound call center process and follow the instructions provided to them by TLs and managers to a tee. They adhere to the SLAs at all times and do their very best to improve their ratings by focusing on various call center metrics like FCR, CSAT and AHT.

All the agents are monitored by a dedicated QA department. They are given timely feedback, in which, their mistakes are pointed out and they are also educated on how to eliminate their errors on calls. The agents are incentivized to meet targets and maintain the highest level of quality on each call.

We understand that our clients depend on us for the growth of their business. Therefore, we take our relationship with our clients very seriously and do our very best to improve their image in front of the customers. Our inbound call centre services are operational 24x7x365, which means customers can reach us at just about anytime they want.

Outbound Call Center Services @ Vcare

Outbound call center services are provided by agents who make outbound calls. Primarily, outbound calls are made for the promotion of clients’ business. Outbound calling is a lot trickier than inbound calling as it requires an agent to start the conversation, irrespective of whether the person on the other end of the line is interested or not.

At Vcare, we offer some of the best outbound call center services in the industry. Our agents are excellent articulators and know how to navigate a pitch towards a sale or turn an uninterested party into a potential client. The outbound call center agents are handled by excellent managers who are good at motivating the workforce when the going gets tough. Also, just like the inbound process, the performance of our outbound agents is monitored at all times.

We understand that in these times of competition promotion is very important for a business. Therefore, we train our agents to be assertive on the call and pitch their idea in the best way possible. We have maintained a high success rate in sales conversion for our past clients and exceeded their expectations many a times. Our highly-successful outbound calling services can be tailored to fit your exact requirements.

Below are some of our inbound and outbound call center services that can be employed for fulfilling different business requirements:

Customer care and help desk support
Multi-language communication support
DRTV or direct response
Appointment setting or sales visits
Order management services
Catalog and order entry services
Order or credit card processing services.

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