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Vcare shines in Comptel Plus Spring 2013 Expo, Las Vegas.

COMPTEL PLUS Spring 2013 Convention & EXPO featured 17 new exhibitors out of 100, and Vcare was one of those newcomers. Participated for the first time, the organization drew attention of the visitors and decision makers, with its innovative products and services.

SureTax join hands with Vcare, the leading Communications Billing Software Provider.
SureTax, a prominent telecom taxation solutions provider, enters into a joint venture with Vcare to provide a comprehensive telecom billing and taxation solutions to its esteemed clients.
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Vcare Partnership with CISCO
Business Solutions
Bringing the value stream back in focus, the business solutions of Vcare help enterprises to attain business objectives.  The end-to- end results oriented methodology of our business solutions helps you change, manage and create an efficient and focused work ambience and increase sales.

We Offer:

Addressing the data and integration needs of companies we redefine and evolve the way of business operations.

IT Optimization
We have the capabilities to evolve your IT mechanism into performance oriented infrastructure. With the help of our business solution consulting services you can expect source optimization designed reduced costs and harmonized work structure.

Post-Merger and IT integration
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are often troublesome for both companies. Along with the expanded opportunities come the burden of redundant systems and IT infrastructure plus the looming issues of efficiency and increased IT service costs. Our post-merger and IT integration services helps you to manage the situation.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Designed exclusively for Service Oriented Enterprise our SOA include:  
  • SOA implementation across all levels of your company
  • Deployment of process-supported business enterprise

The features of our SOA consulting services are:
  • Approach:  Planning and Service Discovery
  • Execution: SOA Platform  
  • Dimension: Risk Management, Value Management and other Assessments

Effective Computing
Improved agile business, cost efficacy and speed up processes are some major features of our effective computing services. Keeping the whole networking system aligned with IT and your business objectives, we make networking more flexible and dynamic.

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