CSR Module

The CSR module acts as a powerful weapon to access through your customer’s information just at a mouse click. Some of the features of the CSR module provided by Vcare are listed below:

Know your customer: CSR module helps you to know your customer well by grading them into various statuses like: platinum, gold, silver and bronze depending upon certain criteria. This information available in the CSR module will be accessible by your customer care support team so that they can know how valuable your customers are.

Access to customer information instantly: The CSR module enables you to access through the information of your customers just at a mouse click in order to provide them with better service.

IVR Integration: Integration of our system with your IVR will enable to update customer information like payments etc., in the CSR module.

Availability of real time CDR: You can avail CDRs on real time basis on Verizon and Sprint based accounts.

Access Rights: Recharge and Bill payments can be done easily from any agent site irrespective of who signed up the agent. To add minutes to the customer’s wireless device or to make payment for the used minutes, agents simply needs to enter the subscriber’s mobile number in the space provided and just click proceed. The system will than automatically generate the customer information from the database.

For bill payments, agent can choose any of the available methods – through debit/credit card, cash or by merchant credit card. They just need to enter the consumer mobile number and click proceed.

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