Agent Portal Module

As the name suggests, this module is fully dedicated at the service of the agents. Attributes exhibited by our telecom billing Agent Portal Module:

Commission Module: This module allows the agents to observe their real time commissions and activations within a particular time frame simply by selecting the start and the end date. It also helps them to keep a track of their performance, i.e, total number of enrollments, number of activated and rejected enrollments done by them during a specific time period, etc. They can also customize the report depending upon their need.

Vcare also provides the agents with single report for commission depending on their top-ups, activations or other such profit making activities.

Multiple Levels of Set-up: This module enables to categorize the various levels of agents depending upon their hierarchy, such as Master Agent, Distributor, Retailer, Employee and so on, and for each level separate commissions can be set up as well. Moreover, depending upon the agent hierarchy, they can add or delete categories of sub-agents and their respective commission.

Order inventory: Through this module, the agents can place new order request to the inventory at a single mouse click.

Monitor inventory: This module enables the agents to keep a track of the inventory on real time basis, so that they can decide when a new inventory needs to be added to the existing one.

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