Inventory Module

Inventory module of Vcare’s OSS solutions exhibits the following properties:

Elasticity of the Fulfillment Process: The Fulfillment process of Vcare’s inventory module enables the users to accomplish orders on first in first out basis. The system mechanically finds out identical orders based on the zip code, so that they match the activated phone. However, understanding the fact that as the above mentioned methodology might not be applicable to all, it also features elements that allow you to highlight orders on priority basis so that they can be fulfilled accordingly. Nevertheless, these elements can be helpful only if you have a poor inventory with bulk orders.

Simple ENS activation: The inventory can be uploaded and activated just at a click of the mouse. Uploading of the inventory in a batch can enable you to activate numerous phone numbers at a time, which might prove helpful for you to focus on your work rather than worrying about the activations.

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