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Vcare shines in Comptel Plus Spring 2013 Expo, Las Vegas.

COMPTEL PLUS Spring 2013 Convention & EXPO featured 17 new exhibitors out of 100, and Vcare was one of those newcomers. Participated for the first time, the organization drew attention of the visitors and decision makers, with its innovative products and services.

SureTax join hands with Vcare, the leading Communications Billing Software Provider.
SureTax, a prominent telecom taxation solutions provider, enters into a joint venture with Vcare to provide a comprehensive telecom billing and taxation solutions to its esteemed clients.
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Vcare Partnership with CISCO
What to expect
  • Thanks to the enterprise class CISCO IP based network, the voice quality is crystal clear.
  • The positive environment and frequent interactions between agents and team leaders (who interact with clients) help the feedback and suggestions go directly to the agents resulting in the betterment of services.
  • Rigorous process training and quality excellence techniques.

Vcare believes in providing quality at cradle, and therefore for every set of service, the Quality Assurance team implements precise validation processes apart from conducting performance checks for each call and software applications that reaches the end users.

Each call is essential for us, and hence, we strictly adhere to all the applicable client guidelines and policies that result in premier quality interactions with your customers. The Cisco based IP network has helped us immensely to take control over our voice quality. A friendly environment and a one-to-one interaction between the agents and their team leaders enables them to work upon the feedbacks received from the client side for enhancement of their performance as well as of the service standards. Moreover, to ensure the quality of our services, we prefer hiring skilled professionals with good power of listening and comprehending skills. We provide them thorough training and education in your products and brands before sending them to the floor, so that they can further enhance the quality of the services provided.

We understand that every customer is important to your business. Hence, we aim at providing the best service to them by answering and troubleshooting their queries. We try to satisfy them to the fullest. Thus, our agents attend to one call at a time, so that they can fully satisfy your customers from beginning to the end.

We grade each call on certain factors like knowledge of the brand/product, how our agents attend the call, if they were able to solve the queries' of the customers that were outside the script, etc., depending on which each representative is provided feedback.
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