IVR Outsourcing Services

The Interactive Voice Response Services, widely known as IVR services uses a pre-recorded voice piece with a computerized menu, where the users are asked to enter their preference through touch-tone telephone keypad in order to gain response. It also allows gathering responses through voice recognition and spoken words. It is cost effective and has an immense reach. One can send a message anytime, anywhere and at negligible cost. As responses, IVR outsourcing services can ask your customers to hold or request information. It can even play announcements during political campaigns or seminars. You get to answer more queries on 24/7 basis enhancing the loyalty base of consumers. Also, it eliminates the worry of hiring an in-house call center team and reduces the burden of administration. Along with that, if only a customer wants to talk with real agent, IVR can transfer the call. With a prime focus to remain as one of the most customer centric IVR service providers, the IVR of Vcare Corporation combines the power of both inbound and outbound dialing. This has led to the viable success of the firm.

The need of IVR application development:

  • In today’s cut-throat competitive environment, many businesses fight neck to neck to crack the nut. But integration of IVR services enables to provide robust, consistent and effective customer support to clients, thereby helping the organizations to retain and generate fresh business prospects.
  • It enables bulk voice messaging and configuration of complex call flows for creation of easy user experience.
  • Businesses using the IP based IVR services in India greatly depends on this technology as it reduces the hardware costs and minimizes the network infrastructure by nearly 70%.
  • The technology easily integrates with third party databases allowing the agents to achieve the right information instantly being drawn from the underlying database.
  • It enables free caller wait times with its free queue manager. Callers are intimated about their wait-time so that they can call back at definite time without wasting a moment from their busiest schedule.

Over the decades, Vcare Corporation has emerged as one of the best IVR solution providers, with its value added IVR services in India. These solutions include: custom implementation and reporting, campaign development, IVR outsourcing solutions, text to speech software applications, quality transcriptions and professional voice services. Thus, with our IVR services you can initiate a research based program, establish a market campaign or start a loyalty campaign among your consumers or even manage to get a proper visibility for your upcoming event. It also enables customer care agents to devote quality time on inking successful business dealings.

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