Free Queuing & Intelligent Routing

Vcare Corporation offers free queuing of calls. At Vcare, we created our own intelligent way of queuing callers, which puts your customer in control and ensures that your business benefits financially.

Free queue manager: Vcare‘s queue manager satisfies the caller’s wish to not be kept waiting on hold and also means you can stop staffing for peaks. It ensures that you can answer and act upon 100% of inbound calls to your organization, without increasing overheads or staff numbers. In a real queue the end can be seen, however in a virtual queue customers get frustrated when they have been on hold for too long. This is where intelligent call handling comes into play. When the call traffic exceeds the capacity to answer, the call queuing system will activate. It works by algorithms and calculates an estimated time the caller will have to wait, by offering this information to the caller it allows them to choose whether to stay in the queue and wait for the next available agent, or call back within an estimated time frame. Should they choose to call back they will be placed at the front of the queue. The system cleverly recognizes the caller’s phone number and takes them straight to an agent, bearing in mind they have waited the allotted time to call back.

Real time stats: The system not only provides you with a means of handling inbound calls effectively but with intelligent call queuing at Vcare, you will also be able to make use of a real time web portal that offers vital call statistics that are great for improving performance and training your employees.

Further benefits include:

  • Reduced call abandon rate
  • Increased call answer rate
  • Reduced wait times
  • Eliminate complaints about queuing
  • Save on staffing costs

Vcare’s Cisco powered intelligent routing system has not only enhanced the performance of the organization by increasing the productivity of its call center agents, but has also improved its call center services by automatically routing calls to the right agent at the right time. It is seen that the conventional method of reassigning calls manually to agents at different point of time has failed to reap the desired result. Thus, with the advent of technological advancement, Intelligent Call Routing system has emerged to alleviate such malwares, which causes obstruction in delivering the required output. Some of the features of Vcare’s routing system include:

Advanced call routing: Intelligent call routing at Vcare routes the calls depending upon time, date, year, area code and zip code. The routing criteria can be customized depending upon the need.

Skill based routing: Intelligent call routing at Vcare provides for skill based routing where specific calls can be routed to a specific group of agents based upon their skillset.

Set priority of calls: Customers can be classified based upon different factors and assigned a priority. When they call, their calls can be answered based upon their priority.

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