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Vcare shines in Comptel Plus Spring 2013 Expo, Las Vegas.

COMPTEL PLUS Spring 2013 Convention & EXPO featured 17 new exhibitors out of 100, and Vcare was one of those newcomers. Participated for the first time, the organization drew attention of the visitors and decision makers, with its innovative products and services.

SureTax join hands with Vcare, the leading Communications Billing Software Provider.
SureTax, a prominent telecom taxation solutions provider, enters into a joint venture with Vcare to provide a comprehensive telecom billing and taxation solutions to its esteemed clients.
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Vcare Partnership with CISCO

Cisco Based Call Centers

Although the industry analysts have emphasized on the fact that cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure are the vital elements for streamlining the business operations of a BPO organization, yet Vcare Corporation has divulged itself from the regular belief, and has proved that even a redundant technology and infrastructure is capable of supporting the life of a BPO service provider. However, Vcare wholeheartedly uses the Cisco based IP network and phone system for its survival in the race. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the eminent Cisco call center solutions provider surpassing in domains like call accounting, call recording, IVR System and skills-based routing.

Established itself as one of the developing Cisco based call centers of the world, Vcare has multiple data centers across India and the United States. If one of these locations face any connectivity issue, then the data center at another location takes over the processing. Same is the case with its infrastructure as well. Vcare's infrastructure in each location has redundant components. If any of these components encounter any failure then it is replaced by another. The organization is also well connected with multiple internet and long distance service providers. If any of the carries are impacted due to any technical reasons, then its systems are clever enough to switch over to an alternate carrier that would serve the purpose of the Cisco call center.

Why Vcare is called a Cisco based call center?
Integration with Cisco systems enables Vcare Corporation to work efficiently and effectively in a financially constraint environment. It helps the organization in providing manageable, scalable and multi-protocol services to its clients through a well-organized, loftier and combined storage pool of networks. Other networking features include: resource sharing, mobility, voice and video solutions, voice networking, end-to-end data solutions, shared access of internet, etc. Apart from these, Cisco enabled solution includes: Voice and IP communications.
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