Data Security

Though, CISCO enables internet connections in highly secured environment and reduces the risks with intranet, extranet, and e-commerce applications, Vcare Corporation leaves no stone unturned to maintain its physical and IT security.


  • Full proof documentation is done for each employee so that Vcare could track if any of the employees had any criminal record or an issue with his credit in the past.
  • Vcare performs a background check of all the new employees by taking the pain to call their previous employers and verifying their previous employment record.
  • In order to protect the confidentiality of business information and other trade secrets, each employee needs to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of employment.
  • In order to prevent any unauthorized visitors in the office premises, each employee is allowed access through biometric attendance system.
  • In order to safeguard the security of the employees as well as of the Vcare’s facilities, to avoid any possible disturbances and distractions, manned security as well as electronic surveillance through CCTV cameras is provided round the clock.


With the advancement of technology, today the cyber environs too have posed a threat. Hence, realizing the significance of data security management, Vcare Corporation has capitalized immensely in processes and technologies that lowers the risk of any kind of breach and safeguards your data throughout day and night. The IT team at Vcare ensures that all their products and services meet the superior security standards of the industry, gaining the trust of its clients scattered around the world. Moreover, while working jointly along with the leaders of the industry, it ensures if any threat arises in call center data security, it provides timely measures and prompt solutions to its clients so that even the most sensitive information of a project could remain safe and secure.

Other Data Security Policies Adopted by Vcare Corporation Include:

  • Restrict unauthorized access to any system
  • Access to a system only through password
  • CISCO ASA and firewall implementation
  • Network monitoring
  • CD drives and USB drives disabled on all systems
  • Application of domain level security.