Telecom Billing & OSS Solutions

Lifeline ETC Module

This module provides for validation of addresses and credentials, duplicate checks, 497 reporting and a lot more.

Agent Portal Module

This module provides for creating multiple levels of set-up, monitoring of agent activations, commissions, inventory and a lot more

CSR Module

The CSR module acts as a powerful weapon to access through your customer’s information just at a mouse click.

Ever since the wireless industry has undergone a massive change, the internal operation processes associated with billing have experienced variations to some extent as well. Today, the telecom industry has become an integral part of our life. More than half of the world population depending on this industry is relishing an assorted range of value added services provided by these service providers. But to streamline the processes and to maintain a detailed and authentic record of the massive database of the industry, telecommunications billing software plays a vital role. It has reduced the chances of complexities involved in hiring a massive work force and has proved itself as one of the reliable resource that can have better control over the revenue generation process.


Billing and OSS Solutions

Vcare Corporation, which has earned international claim as one of the leading Billing and OSS Provider is capable of taking a good control over your entire wireless system in a cost efficient manner, without letting you spend extravagantly on hiring a multi-talented work force. The telecom billing services provided by Vcare have not only met the potentiality of the huge telecom industry, but have also proved shrewd in domains like: detecting software bugs, accurate billing, provisioning of faults, etc. Its major highlights include:

Supportive of all business models: Billing and OSS solutions provided by Vcare Corporation can support different business models efficiently. Whether you are in need of a Lifeline ETC business model or others like prepaid, postpaid or hybrid model, Vcare’s telecommunications billing software can handle all your businesses effectively.

Capable of detecting non-eligible and fraud consumers for Lifeline companies: The ETC model of Vcare’s Billing and OSS system is robust enough to detect any fraud or duplicate customer. It does not let any new consumer to sign up without performing proper identity check.

Providing tailor-made solutions: Vcare provides tailor-made telecom billing services to its clients based on their individual needs. We understand that each industry has its own process of acquiring new customers, managing billing and inventory, managing customer services, etc. Hence, we provide customized services to each of our client boosting them to enhance their business.

One stop hub for all your telecom needs: Vcare is a one stop billing and OSS provider that is capable of taking control over your backend operations entirely allowing you more time in understanding your customers and increase your sales.

The robust telecom billing solutions provided by Vcare consists of several modules, viz.: