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Vcare shines in Comptel Plus Spring 2013 Expo, Las Vegas.

COMPTEL PLUS Spring 2013 Convention & EXPO featured 17 new exhibitors out of 100, and Vcare was one of those newcomers. Participated for the first time, the organization drew attention of the visitors and decision makers, with its innovative products and services.

SureTax join hands with Vcare, the leading Communications Billing Software Provider.
SureTax, a prominent telecom taxation solutions provider, enters into a joint venture with Vcare to provide a comprehensive telecom billing and taxation solutions to its esteemed clients.
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Vcare Partnership with CISCO
Data analytics & reporting module

This module will allow you to prepare various reports ranging from sales report to agent performance tracking report.

Top-Up Report: This module enables your customer to retrieve their top up reports of any time period whenever required. It also allows seeing through activities related to free top up.

Sales Report: This module will allow you to keep a track of the sales of your company. It allows you to view the statistics related to:
  • Number of applications received via different channels like web, agents, advertisement, etc.
  • Total number of approved applications.
  • Total number of approved applications for which phones are yet to be provisioned.
  • Approved applications for no activation calls.

Non-Usage Reports: This function enables you to view the report of your non-usage customers. Non-usage customers are those who have not used the phone for more than 15 days. The module helps in categorizing the customers depending upon their non-usage for 15-30 days, 30-45 days, 45-60 days, 60- 75 days, 75-90 days and above.

Shipment Reports: Our system performs an investigation in order to find out if the orders have been fulfilled and shipped. If any order takes more time for shipment than your SLA our system can identify those orders. Moreover, the module also helps us to keep a track of the shipped goods.

Aging of your postpaid receivables: The benefits that you get out of your postpaid connection can be aged and tracked with the help of this module.

Track your inventory: You can keep a track of the agent's inventory and can make changes whenever necessity arises. If any of the agents is not performing well, then the size of his inventory can be cut short and can be assigned to some other agent performing well.

Track your Agent's performance: You can also keep a record of your agent's performance and rank them depending upon the total number of activations done by them. Secondly, you can also rank your agents on the basis of the net revenue generated by them.

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