Avoid Deathtrap of Poor Customer Service with Customer Support Outsourcing

Internet has brought with itself a range of technologies that have allowed companies to improve their operations. But, the use of Internet has also enhanced the knowledge of customers/subscribers, who now expect a lot more from their product and service providers.

To keep up with the modern-day customer requirements, it has become essential to leverage tech for best customer service results. Most of the times, companies are unable to deliver quality services because their in-house call centers are run as a side operation. Without seasoned veterans and lack of pertinent software, an on-premise call center fails to fulfill the present-day customer requirements. Thus, customer service outsourcing has become a better option to avoid the deathtrap of poor customer service.

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What Is Outsourcing of Customer Service?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a sort of outsourcing where your customer service is delegated to an outside partner. This outsourced alliance is capable of handling a wide range of tasks, including phone answering, inbound and outbound customer communications, strategy, management, and execution.

You may frequently acquire knowledge, software, and team management through customer service outsourcing that would be challenging to sustain internally. Additionally, it guarantees that you have access to the quantity and calibre of workers required to run and expand your company while providing first-rate customer service.

Important Call Center KPIs

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are sacrosanct in the call center world. Below is a list of the most vital KPIs that you should heed for success in customer support outsourcing venture:

  1. Calls blocked – If customers are hearing busy ring tone at their end because of bad queue configuration or inability of call center staff to handle call volume, it is called calls blocked. A call center can lose its credibility rapidly if a high percentage of calls are not reaching the agents.
  2. Time in queue – Caller wait time in the queue is an important KPI for any call center manager. The longer a customer waits, the more irate he is likely to become. Therefore, it is vital to have sufficient number of agents to handle the call flow.
  3. Average handling time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR) – While AHT and FCR are two different KPIs, it is important to look at them together to understand how well a call center is working. AHT indicates the average time agents on the floor (collectively) take to finish a call whereas FCR stat shows the percentage of first attempt resolutions provided by the agents. So, when AHT and FCR meet the expectations, it means that your call center is performing efficiently.
  4. Customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) – CSAT is a KPI that has a direct impact on a company’s ability to keep its customers and bring in new ones. When CSAT score is high, you are likely to bring in new customers and at the same time keep hold of your existing base. But, when it goes down, it can bring about a downturn in your fortunes and cause your customers to leave your services, faster than you can ever imagine.

Call Centre Outsourcing: Changing Business Practises

Call center outsourcing, in the modern industrial era, has promoted itself from being just an extended service to a mandated requirement. Much of its popularity is evident from the most efficient source of receiving and handling customer requests it offers via the web and telephone. As an overriding fact, outsourcing can either be pertinent to service provision or product manufacturing which brings us to its various epoch-making benefits.

Organisations of all sizes can profit greatly from outsourcing their customer service. Outsourcing may help you deliver first-rate customer service at scale, whether you’re a large business wanting to offer multilingual, round-the-clock omnichannel assistance or a tiny startup hoping to get the occasional call handled by someone acquainted with your brand.

Increase consumer faith

By enhancing customer experiences, outsourcing may help you increase customer trust, loyalty, and retention. You can start offering remarkable customer experiences that make consumers feel heard, understood, and appreciated by teaming up with professionals who are focused on your objectives, needs, and KPIs.

Business executives concur: The development of their organisation, according to 64% of business executives polled in 2022, is positively impacted by customer service, and customer satisfaction is up 60%. Outstanding customer service promotes client retention and loyalty, which boosts sales.

Reduce costs and time

Without compromising on quality, outsourcing is a terrific method to save time and money for your internal personnel. After all, internal teams are frequently concentrated on your company’s key capabilities, including product, sales, and growth. Working with a partner who offers top-notch customer service helps your staff to concentrate on creating the greatest goods or services possible.

Additionally, outsourcing is typically significantly less expensive than employing employees internally. There are fewer overhead expenses, software fees, and other unforeseen expenses that accumulate over time in addition to the fact that the sourcing, recruiting, training, and upkeep of the team are taken care of.

Scale easily

In each aspect of the company, scaling has unique difficulties, but increasing customer service presents additional difficulties. Due to the abundance of personnel accessible in nearshore and offshore locations as well as the substantial resources of large-scale contact centres and customer service operations, increasing customer service is made simple through outsourcing.

Do you need to scale up for the holidays or other busy times of the year? Your outsourcing partner will be able to handle new employee training and seasonal hiring with ease.

You’re in charge of a merger that considerably expands the size of your operations. You can be sure you have the right team size available by outsourcing.

expanding your company swiftly and into new areas? With an outsourcing partner on your side, you can simply obtain extra assistance and bilingual agents.

More support for languages and coverage

Today’s consumers demand the freedom to interact with companies whenever they want. The typical coverage of 9 am to 5 pm is inadequate. Instead, quick responses and 24-hour help are starting to become the standard.

An outsourcing partner may make sure you provide your clients with extra hours or even around-the-clock service. Additionally, outsourcing your customer care may make sure you—and your customers—get the assistance you need, whenever and wherever you need it, especially if you have multilingual consumers, operate in several time zones or countries, or manage several brands.

Professional project management and planning

When you outsource your customer service, you have access to a team of customer care and support professionals that are knowledgeable about the finest procedures and current market trends.

A strong outsourcing provider acts more like a partner, offering strategy, ensuring that you are on the channels that your clients choose, integrating with your brand and culture, and monitoring important metrics and KPIs to gauge improvement.

Access to resources and technologies of a higher calibre

Do you have access to a CXO, senior customer experience strategists, QA managers, and skilled agents on staff? If not, are you willing to find, hire, and train every single one of them?

If you’re not (like most businesses), outsourcing is a simple approach for your brand to immediately access the knowledge and experience of these jobs. Additionally, customer service outsourcing partners frequently have better technology—such as enterprise software, AI technologies, and high-quality chatbots—that improves customer experiences but is probably not within the budget to build internally. Not to mention that an outsourcing partner will have the internal personnel required to maintain, improve, and manage all of that technology for your objectives.

No matter what stage your business is at, outsourcing customer support offers several advantages.

Choose the Right Domestic Customer Service Outsourcing for Improving KPIs

A sure shot way to meet your KPI expectations is by employing domestic customer service outsourcing based in the US. Empowered by cutting-edge software like CRM and IVR solutions for routing the calls conveniently to the right department, a domestic customer service outsourcing vendor like Vcare can help you improve the level of your customer services by constantly improving the KPIs.

Vcare has long-term experience in the call center industry and has knowledgeable agents who strive for excellence under the guidance of skillful and tactical managers. It is 24×7 operational, which means your customers can call in whenever they want.

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