Avoid Deathtrap of Poor Customer Service with Customer Support Outsourcing

Internet has brought with itself a range of technologies that have allowed companies to improve their operations. But, the use of Internet has also enhanced the knowledge of customers/subscribers, who now expect a lot more from their product and service providers.

To keep up with the modern-day customer requirements, it has become essential to leverage tech for best customer service results. Most of the times, companies are unable to deliver quality services because their in-house call centers are run as a side operation. Without seasoned veterans and lack of pertinent software, an on-premise call center fails to fulfill the present-day customer requirements. Thus, customer service outsourcing has become a better option to avoid the deathtrap of poor customer service.

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Important Call Center KPIs

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are sacrosanct in the call center world. Below is a list of the most vital KPIs that you should heed for success in customer support outsourcing venture:

  1. Calls blocked – If customers are hearing busy ring tone at their end because of bad queue configuration or inability of call center staff to handle call volume, it is called calls blocked. A call center can lose its credibility rapidly if a high percentage of calls are not reaching the agents.
  2. Time in queue – Caller wait time in the queue is an important KPI for any call center manager. The longer a customer waits, the more irate he is likely to become. Therefore, it is vital to have sufficient number of agents to handle the call flow.
  3. Average handling time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR) – While AHT and FCR are two different KPIs, it is important to look at them together to understand how well a call center is working. AHT indicates the average time agents on the floor (collectively) take to finish a call whereas FCR stat shows the percentage of first attempt resolutions provided by the agents. So, when AHT and FCR meet the expectations, it means that your call center is performing efficiently.
  4. Customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) – CSAT is a KPI that has a direct impact on a company’s ability to keep its customers and bring in new ones. When CSAT score is high, you are likely to bring in new customers and at the same time keep hold of your existing base. But, when it goes down, it can bring about a downturn in your fortunes and cause your customers to leave your services, faster than you can ever imagine.

Choose the Right Domestic Customer Service Outsourcing for Improving KPIs

A sure shot way to meet your KPI expectations is by employing domestic customer service outsourcing based in the US. Empowered by cutting-edge software like CRM and IVR solutions for routing the calls conveniently to the right department, a domestic customer service outsourcing vendor like Vcare can help you improve the level of your customer services by constantly improving the KPIs.

Vcare has long-term experience in the call center industry and has knowledgeable agents who strive for excellence under the guidance of skillful and tactical managers. It is 24×7 operational, which means your customers can call in whenever they want.

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