Reasons Why Good Customer Service Matters in a Digital Age

These days, many people go online and log in to various accounts on social media and seem to forget about telephone conversations. In fact, studies show that millennials and the younger generation are so engrossed with their online presence that they forget to even pick up the phone and have a basic conversation.

Customer Service Outsourcing

But at (v)WeCare, we understand that customer service, and especially good customer services still matters in this digital age. With years of experience in email chat outsourcing, call center outsourcing or customer service outsourcing, we understand the nuances and etiquette that manners and a good online presence can bring. Our representatives know that you are placing great trust in letting us handle your back-office needs, and as a call center outsourcing company located in New Jersey, we have dedicated several hours to improving the quality of our customer service simply because we place great value in that, even in 2019.

If you outsource your customer service needs, you’re often not always getting the best-qualified people to run things smoothly. You are trusting a random third party with something truly valuable since trusting someone to run customer care operations is a big step and is not a situation to be taken lightly. Often, to international countries can create more issues than resolve them, especially in light of language barriers and colloquial idioms used in everyday conversation.

These are some of the reasons why good customer service still matters in this day and age:

  1. Despite the digital age, people still want to talk to a live person: We as human beings spend so much time on social media these days. And often we do it without realizing how many hours happen during the day. We can’t even switch off our cell phones at night. As a result, people get increasingly lonely and frustrated when they are not able to answer issues or questions by themselves. This is where customer service with a good outsource call center in the U.S.A. comes in. Telephone calls are not going to go away, despite the nature of the social age.  And it is therefore extremely important to be able to get in touch with someone who understands you and appreciates your issue.
  2. Knowing who you can trust matters: Given the digital landscape, there are so many people who pose themselves as “experts” and give you misleading advice and often waste a lot of your valuable time. At (v)WeCare, we have trained employees who have spent years just working on issues that you call about. The experts at our New Jersey call center value your time and understand that you have choices. They are trained to find solutions to your problem, and not to mislead.
  3. Establishing a proper customer connection: This is much harder to achieve than it sounds, because trust is very important, especially in a relationship in a particularly digital landscape. Since a customer has so many choices right now, it is all the more important for a domestic call center to make him or her feel special. Instead of focusing on being on autopilot, our trained customer care representatives know that there is a human relationship that is built on trust, and that is the core of our mission and business.
  4. Establishing a long-term relationship: In a digital age with increasingly short attention spans, there is an innate skepticism among people who access customer service, thinking that they are going to be “just another call.” At (v)WeCare, every call matters. We care about maintaining a long-term relationship and take each and every issue seriously because in the end, it is about establishing long-term relationships with the customer.
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