Maintain Consistency in Support with Established Customer Support Outsourcing

The problem with most customer service outsourcing companies is that they do not show the required consistency when it comes to attending customers. The level is not the same across all agents because some are experienced and some are not. Some are polite and some are naturally aggressive. The lack of uniformity in the quality of support often leaves customers befuddled. After a very good experience with an agent, they expect the same from the next one. But when the experience is inferior, they often lose faith in your brand.

Customer Support Outsourcing

Bring in the Consistency with Proven Customer Support Outsourcing

Do you know why some customer support outsourcing companies are consistent while other are not? It is not a lack of skill but lack of persistence. For a company that earns its bread and butter from customer service leaves no stones unturned when it comes to finding the optimum path to success. There are multiple departments that need to be handled carefully, which they do better than amateur customer care operations. Have a look at some departments that play a huge role in determining the consistency of customer support:

Quality Assurance (QA)

QA is a department in international and domestic customer service outsourcing companies that has the sole purpose of maintaining the desired standards. It is responsible for implementing the Service Level Agreement (SLA), Data Protection Act (DPA) and other quality parameters. Quality analysts spend much of their day listening to calls and finding agents’ mistakes. After spotting where an agent is faltering, they provide the feedback and ensure that he does not make the same mistake on the next call. QA can be a boring task, especially for those employees who do not have any love for it. Hence, proven operators like Vcare only promote those employees to QA who have a natural love for the job.

Training Department

Trainers are responsible for shaping the call-handling agents according to clients’ process. A trainer who is committed to the cause will inculcate the desired qualities in the agent, which will later ensure his high level of performance. Most companies, especially international call centers split training departments into Voice & Accent and Process. Both departments have their own job. A veteran customer support outsourcing company like Vcare has experienced trainers in its rank, and they use cutting-edge training methodologies like eLearning to train and motivate agents. Therefore, all the agents who reach the floor and take calls are more than adept at maintaining the desired consistency in the level of support.

HR and Administration

HR and the admin staff plays an unappreciated role in the success of a customer service outsourcing company. But the role of this department is probably the most important when we talk about consistency. A quality HR selects the right talent. And, the administration ensures that the agents get the best facilities, so they are comfortable and maintain their focus on the task at hand.

Vcare understands the role of each and every department, and maintains a level of consistency in both inbound and outbound processes.

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