How to Outsource Customer Services the Right Way?

If your competitors have decided to Outsource Customer Services and you want to do the same, then do it for the right reasons and not just follow into their footsteps blindly. Customer support outsourcing is a huge business decision and the best customer support outsourcing companies can be hard to find. Especially if you have an intricate process, you need a competent vendor that is good enough to understand it and deliver the right results for your business.

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The Best Way to Outsource Customer Services

There are a set of questions that you should ask yourself before outsourcing. Only if you can find convincing answers to these questions, you should Outsource Customer Services. Below are some important points that you should contemplate upon, in order to make the right outsourcing decision:

In-house vs. outsourcing analysis

Don’t think of outsourcing as a way to get rid of in-house customer care. Think of it as a way to harness the experience and expertise of a vendor that has already been in this business for a long time. Look at it as a partnership that you would have to nurture with mutual good work and coordination. An important tip for the first-time outsourcing companies is to use a liaison manager who can act as your eyes and ears in the vendor company. Such a step will ensure that your policies are implemented accurately and the work is accomplished exactly as per your expectations.

Scalability requirements

Always think of your partnership with customer support outsourcing companies as a long-term venture. Make sure that they have ample workforce, so they can increase or decrease the manpower as per your requirement. You do not want to end up in a situation where you have to hire new vendors because your existing vendor cannot support your growing requirements.

Process requirements and what the vendor can offer

Every process is different and each process requires a certain skillset and expertise. Depending on the process, you should select the vendor. For example, if you are outsourcing technical support, then your vendor should have agents with degrees in technical field. The same way, order processing requires certain level of expertise in eCommerce. Telemarketing requires a talent for sales. As it is impossible for you to analyze their expertise by just talking to them, you should read about their case studies, customer testimonials and trusted online reviews. Finding a vendor that fits perfectly is a recipe for success and long-term peace of mind.

The choice between international and domestic Outsource Customer Services

If your customers are picky about accents and language, it is best to employ domestic customer service outsourcing companies. But if you can find an international vendor with proven success rate, you can outsource to them and make huge profits. Especially if you are able to find a quality vendor in a developing country e.g. in India, you can make huge profits due to currency exchange rate. Do you know that a company in the US can reduce its customer services outsourcing cost by up to 2-3 times easily by outsourcing to a country like India?

Vcare is one of the most successful customer support outsourcing companies in India with a vast array of domestic and international projects under its belt. Not only it can help you bring down the cost of your customer service operations, it can serve as a long-time vendor that actually cares for your business.

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