Bring in More Flexibility in Call Answering with IVR Outsourcing Services

Ever wondered why your competitors are getting more orders than you? Entrepreneurs often ask this question, especially if they believe their product/service is superior. The answer is actually quite simple. Today’s market is all about marketing and sales. You need to be there for your customers whenever they make a contact. And, it is very much possible that your competitors are answering more calls than you, and are able to get more orders. Nowadays, you have call center outsourcing and IVR outsourcing services that can be used for attending large volume of calls. You can choose either one of them to give a boost to your business.

IVR outsourcing services

IVR Outsourcing vs. Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing is the more prevalent of the two. You can outsource the whole call center to a vendor, and let it handle all your customer-facing interactions. But if you already have a small-scale in-house call center, and need automated voice response service to complement it, then you can use IVR outsourcing services.

Unlike a full-fledged call center operation where you would have outsourced agents working for your business, an IVR outsourcing service will let you access the IVR software. The main advantage of partnering with an IVR outsourcing services provider is that you can have a 24×7 operation without spending a lot of money.

Pros and Cons of IVR Outsourcing Services

IVR outsourcing services can give you an edge when it comes to minimizing abandoned calls. Below are some pros and cons of IVR outsourcing services:


  • Attend calls 24×7 without hiring additional agents
  • Improvement in call routing


  • Not self-sufficient by itself for handling customers
  • Some callers do not like interacting with an IVR system

Despite its cons, IVR outsourcing services can be a great asset for your busines. If you partner with a competent vendor, you can access the latest IVR functionalities and improve your call center operations considerably.

Flexible IVR Outsourcing Services for Better Business Interactions

The best thing about associating with a seasoned IVR outsourcing services provider is that you get to use its services in a variety of ways. Depending on your exact business requirements, you can alter the scope of IVR services and use them as:

Self-service IVR

Customers of today, especially the younger lot, wants more freedom in the customer service that they receive. Some do not wish to wait in queues and would rather help themselves instead of wasting precious hours waiting for someone to answer the phone. A self-serving IVR solution can provide complete solutions to common issues. For example, IVR can guide customers through troubleshooting steps or how to book an air ticket.

Receiving critical information securely

Due to the increase in stringent data protection laws, you may feel added burden on your shoulders when it comes to safeguarding customer information. But with a smart IVR solution, you can take critical customer info via IVR. A cutting-edge IVR can understand voice command or DTMF signals and receive information safely. So, agents can transfer the call to IVR instead of taking that information themselves.

Assisted IVR

It is also possible for agents to use IVR as a tool for imparting information. For example, an agent can direct pre-recorded IVR messages to the customers, without him knowing that an actual agent is involved in the conversation. Such an IVR deployment will lower agent workload and bring in more efficiency into the entire operation.

At Vcare, we offer time-tested IVR outsourcing services that can be used for fulfilling a variety of business requirements. Our Call Center Outsourcing  services are completely flexible, work 24×7, and are tailor-made for our clients’ businesses.

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