Why you need Tech-Savvy Cisco Based Call Centers for Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is an important virtue of a call center company. If you get consistently good CSAT scores, you can improve the image of your business. In order to achieve this, you can try different customer strategies and impress them with communication skills. But if your call center technology is not up to the mark, you would struggle in your business endeavor. Bad call connections, frequent disconnections, incorrect routing, bad data management etc. can seriously impact the fate of your call center. Employing cisco based call centers solutions and other tech savvy technologies can be a good start.

Cisco Based Call Centers

The Role of Tech-Savvy Call Centers in Business Growth

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to call center success. To achieve consistency, you need to leverage the following call center technologies:

High-end computer telephony integration

Computer Telephony Integration or CTI is the most basic call center technology. The best outsourced call centers NJ e.g., Vcare Tec implements the best CTI via cisco based call centers software. It helps them maintain quality in customer communication. It is easier to fetch the information fast when the phone details of customer you are answering pops up on the computer screen without any delay. Also, the agents are able to hold calls, mute calls and perform loads of other functions without diverting their focus from the PC.

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distributor or ACD has increasingly become a vital component of call center operations. First and foremost, it can be used to create custom rules that transfer the call according to certain conditions e.g., how many agents are available, what is their skill level, geography etc. Next-gen ACD systems also provide analytics, call reporting and other vital functionalities required by a call center process.

Innovative Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response or IVR can become instrumental in your call center technology, if it is created and customized to meet specific requirements of your business. For example, IVR can be used to add personalized messages for the customers. You can also brand your product/service better. And, it is also possible to take sensitive customer information like bank account number, credit card number etc. via IVR. The relevant customers can be transferred to a secure IVR line that asks them for the information and records it. This way, you can perfectly secure your company from frauds done by the in-house workforce. An outsourced call centers NJ like Vcare is proficient in the latest IVR technology, and can help you in your call center process.

Along with call center solutions, you can use email support outsourcing to provide an additional option to your customers. We, at Vcare, understand the exact requirements of our clients and provide the necessary call center solutions.

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