Call Center Services
We understand that how one missed call can close the gateway of entire gambit of opportunities and how customers are important for a business regardless of its type and size.
Back Office Support
Vcare Corporation excels in customer experience management. Infusing seamlessness and effectiveness to business operations,
Technical Support
Across every domain of business, Vcare corporation's technical support solutions define and spell success for them. Backed up with multi-channel technology and power,
Vcare Centers
Vcare has delivery centers across the Globe:
  • North America (New Jersey)
  • Western EU (Netherlands)
  • Eastern EU (Albania)
  • Asia (India)
  • South America (Columbia)
Latest News
Vcare shines in Comptel Plus Spring 2013 Expo, Las Vegas.

COMPTEL PLUS Spring 2013 Convention & EXPO featured 17 new exhibitors out of 100, and Vcare was one of those newcomers. Participated for the first time, the organization drew attention of the visitors and decision makers, with its innovative products and services.

SureTax join hands with Vcare, the leading Communications Billing Software Provider.
SureTax, a prominent telecom taxation solutions provider, enters into a joint venture with Vcare to provide a comprehensive telecom billing and taxation solutions to its esteemed clients.

BPO Services

BPO services: No longer a mere support system:
In today's age, business process outsourcing services feature among the crucial services that every business needs to adopt irrespective of its size or business requirements. At present, organizations in every industry struggle with unique challenges in the form of competition, swinging moods of customers, unstable business environment and uncertain economic conditions. Consequently, companies outsource customer service activities to maximize their focus on operations and core competencies. Since modern business needs are subject to continuous changes, a contemporary organization looks forward to advanced BPO services for a variety of business needs.

An enterprise very well understands that the requirements of its customers are not limited to the services being provided to them. A lot needs to be done behind the scenes to support the primary requirements of customers. Therefore, the scope or need of BPO services is not restricted to answering the calls of your customers. Something that began as a support is now a pillar that sustains the edifice of industries.

We may not be different, but we surely understand your needs:
Changing business environment calls for more in terms of business process outsourcing services. This is the reason it is not unusual for companies to expect a progressive approach and state-of-the-art service delivery. Vcare Corporation sets an example for its contemporaries by providing its clients with an extensive assortment of BPO services that are driven by our industry experience and expertise in various areas of business. Our efforts would reflect in terms of measurable business deliverables like enhanced customer satisfaction, higher sales and better performance.

No matter what your business goal is, we are there with you to impart the much needed value and reliability to every task we accomplish. When it comes to overseas customer service, a number of service providers blow their trumpet loud and pretend to be the best. However, we believe in promoting ourselves through our work. It has always been our endeavor to provide an unmatched and uniform customer experience at different touch points. Our customized solutions perfectly integrate with your value chain and help you leverage on our competencies.

Vcare Corporation strives to embrace a global delivery model by carrying out its operations through its distribution centers in different areas of the world. We never step back and face every challenge that comes our way. We integrate our services with state-of-the-art technology and thereafter let the outcome speak for itself. The utilization of a CISCO-enabled technology platform at our business units is evidence to the fact.

We understand what our business partners expect in terms of capabilities, experience and expertise. We are more than eager to know about your requirements pertaining to:

Our BPO Service includes:
  • Call center outsourcing
  • Back office support
  • Technical Support

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